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What is Power of Attorney?

The Power of Attorney compels you! Granting somebody power of attorney, conditional to you being incapacitated or otherwise, is a way of making sure somebody has the power to make decisions for you when you are incapable of doing so. However, it is an enormous...

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What is a trust?

In Trusts We Trust Trusts are an alternative way of planning your estate and your legacy. Wills are an extremely useful tool for planning your legacy. However, they aren't always the best option. Wills often require, after you pass, the time and expense of probate...

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What is a will?

What is a will and why do I need one? A will is, put simply, a written explanation of what you want to happen after you pass. Without one, or another type of testamentary instrument, your property will be distributed according to the intestate succession rules of your...

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