Everyone has a story that deserves to be told.
LifeWritr is a powerful, new app to help you share your story, organize your life, and prepare for the future.
Protect Your Family
Provide a guide to your loved ones after you aren’t there to help guide them with LifeWritr’s life planning tools.
Chronicle Your Life
Use annual letters and other tools to chronicle and preserve the story of your life both year by year and as a whole.
Leave your affairs in order.
So your heirs know what to do when you’re gone.
Write your life
Write your life and create a personal and public legacy.
Leave a legacy.
Write your legacy for now and preserve your legacy for the future.

Preserve Your Legacy Today!

Write your history, leave messages for your loved ones, and make your own digital mark on the world.

What We Do

Just In Case

Organize important information, and keep your loved ones informed with what they need to know of your affairs.

Chronicle the Years

Write and collect annual letters to your loved ones, with personal messages updating them on how your family has been doing and what you’ve been up to each year.

Write Your Legacy

Create a legacy. Record your thoughts and stories, and share them with the world. Create your own time capsule for future generations. 

Live Worry-Free

Share with a LifeReadr, and rest easy knowing that you’re prepared and ahead of the game. Take a load off, go forth and continue writing the story of your incredible life.

Don't Be Shy

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