Cookies Policy

1. We Use Cookies


Like most websites, the LifeWritr website uses cookies for a variety of purposes. This Cookies Policy will explain what cookies are, what we use them for, and how you can opt out of using cookies through your browser.

By continuing to use LifeWritr, you expressly consent to the use of cookies as described in this Cookies Policy, as well as in our Privacy Policy.


2. What Are Cookies


A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website (like LifeWritr) and stored on your computer by your web browser while you are browsing. They are how websites ‘remember’ information about you in order to properly respond when you access website features. Examples include knowing which account your are logged in as, keeping you logged in, remembering which pages you visited in the past, and authenticating whether you can access certain secure information. Some websites also use cookies for gathering marketing data, or other marketing purposes.


3. Types of Cookies


There are many different types of cookies. Below are some of the types of cookies. Some cookies may belong to more than one category (for instance, there are permanent required cookies and temporary required cookies).


A. Required Cookies


Certain cookies are required for a site to function properly. For instance, authentication cookies are used when you log in to your account, and some of our paid services may require cookies to function.


B. Functional and Preference Cookies


Some cookies aren’t strictly necessary for the site to function, but improve your experience by saving data in forms, remembering your user settings, and the like.


C. Social Media Cookies


Some social media integrations require the use of cookies. If you see those little buttons to share on Facebook, Twitter, or the like, they probably use some cookies.


D. Analytics Cookies


Analytics cookies are used internally, to help website operators understand what their users are doing, in order to further customize and develop the website in the future. They are often used to show patterns of access by many users on a site, and almost never store individual information about a user.


E. Advertising Cookies


Some cookies are used for advertising purposes. These cookies track when you come to a website, and then other websites can tailor ads based on your previous website visits.


F. First Party Cookies


First party cookies are the cookies we set for LifeWritr to send to your browser, and are used for a variety of purposes.


G. Third Party Cookies


Third party cookies are used by our third party vendors, or sites you reach by clicking a link on our site. We are not responsible for those cookies, and you should read the cookies policy of said third party sites if you are concerned.


H. Temporary (Session) and Permanent Cookies


Some cookies only last as long as your browser session, and some cookies last until they are deleted manually, or a long period of time passes and your computer deletes them.


4. What We Use Cookies For


We use cookies in order to enable certain website features,but we do not use them for marketing purposes.


A. Website features


We use permanent authentication cookies to enable you to log in and see your data.


5. How You Can Opt Out of Using Cookies


You can opt out of using cookies by changing your browser settings to refuse cookies. If you do so, parts of this site will not function properly, as it was not designed to be used without cookies. If you disable cookies, you accept that some parts of this site will not function until you enable cookies, regardless of if you are a paid member or not. We are not responsible for disruptions in our services due to your rejection of our cookies.


6. Changes to This Cookies Policy


LifeWritr may update our Cookies Policy from time to time. Thus, we advise you to review this page periodically for any changes. We will notify you of any changes by posting the new Cookies Policy on this page. These changes are effective immediately, after they are posted on this page.