Here are the answers to some questions we get asked a lot.  If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Why is LifeWritr special?

We are an Life Management App focused on cheaply providing you what the average person actually needs to manage their life and legacy in a form you can handle even with your busy schedule. We also provide tools to chronicle your life, both on an annual basis and as a whole, for those you care about. We have an experienced and passionate team with expertise in privacy, estate law, estate planning, and programming.  We bring this expertise together to create tools for you to build and share your Legacy with your heirs and the world at large.

Why should I chronicle my life and legacy?

Even beyond the legal, logistical, and monetary advantages of having prepared with LifeWritr, your Legacy itself is a treasure. Think how much you’d appreciate letters detailing the years and knowledge of your ancestors-their successes, their failures, their loves, their losses, their knowledge and thoughts. LifeWritr wants to give everybody a chance to share that gift with all their loved ones. Our free Write Your Legacy letter and annual letters help you get started and can be shared as publicly or as privately as you like.

What sort of security does LifeWritr use?

LifeWritr knows that you are providing us with delicate information and we are dedicated to providing security which meets or exceeds industry standards in order to give that information the protection it deserves.We use AWS protection services which include network firewalls, encryption services and more to protect your data and information. We also use, among other things, our own encryption tools and password protection to ensure the safety of your information as much as possible. What’s more, because our tools for preserving your Legacy do not require you to share and store the majority of your most sensitive information, there is much lower risk of a security breach. In today’s digital world, keeping your sensitive documents and information off the internet and on paper can be the most effective security tool.

How does LifeWritr handle my privacy?

At LifeWritr, we understand that while your Legacy deserves to be shared with the world, you also deserve to protect the privacy of your information. For that reason, we maintain a privacy policy on how your information is handled which can found here.

The founder of LifeWritr, Les Rosen, has a rich background in privacy with nearly two decades of privacy law compliance experience, multiple books published on the topic, and his own company handling the delicate privacy issues of background screening. Suffice it say, LifeWritr knows about privacy and we care about how we handle yours. We do not share or sell any information about you, and highly recommend you read both our privacy policy and the policies of our third party vendors.

How does payment work?

We use Stripe, a third-party payment processing vendor. When you make a purchase, you will be redirected to their site to complete the transaction. When complete, you will be redirected back to our site.

How can I share my LifeWritr information?

You can share your LifeWritr information in a couple of ways.  First, you can make certain posts and parts of your profile public, if you like.  Second, you can send annual letters to a list of recipients, which can later be collected and shared as a whole.  Finally, you can designate LifeReadrs, who will be able to view the entries of forms you select, in case they need that information in the future.

What will you do with my information if I cancel my account or stop paying?

If you stop paying, or cancel your subscription, we won’t do anything.  You won’t be able to edit any information in the premium services you cancelled, but the information won’t go anywhere.  On the other hand, if you wish to delete your account entirely, we’ll remove your account and all associated information, except for what we need for our own internal records.

Do I need a will if I have a LifeWritr?

Absolutely!  LifeWritr is not a replacement for a will, trust, or any other estate planning device.  We strongly recommend you contact an estate planning professional, like an attorney, to discuss your options.

Does LifeWritr replace legal, financial, or medical professionals?

No!  Lifewritr is not a replacement for the advice of an estate planning professional, medical professional, or financial professional.  We simply help you in organizing your information, and passing down your legacy. Our resources section has a list of State Bar approved Lawyer Referral Services, and we strongly recommend that you reach out for professional advice regarding your legal, medical, and financial affairs.

Why does LifeWritr use a ticket system instead of a phone line?

We use a ticket system in order to streamline the support process and ensure you don’t have to spend time on the phone, on hold, waiting for the next available representative.  We hate that, and we think most of our users hate that too.

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