What is a will and why do I need one?

A will is, put simply, a written explanation of what you want to happen after you pass. Without one, or another type of testamentary instrument, your property will be distributed according to the intestate succession rules of your state–sometimes it will even be taken by the state itself.

A well designed will, or other testamentary instrument, is crucial for properly protecting your legacy. Each state has different rules for what they require, but generally the language needs to be clear as to your intent that the will is what you want to happen when you pass and you need to sign it in the presence of witnesses with nothing to gain in your will. This can be complicated if you have an older will you want to replace or amend. In general, you should seek the help of an estate planning attorney in figuring out how to prepare a valid will.

Here at LifeWritr, our Gold and Platinum plans will help you organize a lot of the information a lawyer would need to help you put together a will. It can’t be stated enough how important a will, or similar instrument, is to protecting your legacy and preparing your loved ones. If you need further help, we have tools and resources the LifeWritr website to put you in touch with somebody who can take care of this sort of thing for you.