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With these tools, you can Preserve Your Legacy through Legacy Letters, annual letters, protecting information, and adding LifeReadrs.

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Write Your Legacy

Our Write Your Legacy system allows you to use our free and paid tools to build both public and private legacies.  You can describe yourself, write special annual letters to your loved ones, and help you store key information they’ll need in the future.  Your public legacy is a page that can be seen by anyone on the internet and shared via social media. This is your own little slice of digital immortality.   Your private legacy can consist of things you’d rather share with a few select people, like free annual letters to friends and family, information about your estate, and key lessons for the future.

Legacy Message

Write your private message sharing your experiences with your loved ones here.

Annual Letters

Write a letter for every occasion, and they’ll be stored in your account so you and your heirs can look back on the letters as little slice of history.

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